Shetty Balijas protected their people from conversion with the help of Dharma Jagarana Samiti


The incident took place in West Godavari district Andhrapradesh. The Shetty Balija caste people saved their 40 members from converting their religion with the help of the Dharma Jagrana Samiti, which works for the preservation of Hindu Dharma across the state.

Activists of the Dharma Jagarana Samiti are visiting Mattaparru Palam and surrounding villages in the Poduru zone of West Godavari district to set up committees of the Shetty Balija community.

Dharma Jagarana Samiti activists came to know that some Shetty Balija caste people in Mattaparru Palem village had been converted and they were trying to convert another 40 more Shetty Balijas.

Activists like jilla Dharma Jagarana PariyojanPramukh Shri Chintapalli Ramesh, Andhra Pradesh state Shetty Balija Pariyojan Pramukh Shri Kadali Nagaraju, Andhra Pradesh state Saha Pariyojan Pramukh Shri Rayudu Muthyalarao and other leaders of Shetty Balija caste visited five other villages including Mattaparru village and explained the uniqueness of Hindu Dharma to them. They also Described the history, richness, culture and traditions of the Shetty Balija caste.

Thus, realising the history, greatness and uniqueness of Hindu culture and of their caste, they decided to continue their ideal life in Hinduism like their fore fathers.

It has also been decided to hold a Shetty Balija Sammelan at one of these 5 villages in the near future, said Shri Tirupathaya, Andhrapradesh state Dharma Jagarana Pramukh.

మరిన్ని జాతీయ, అంతర్జాతీయ వార్తలు, విశేషాల కోసం VSK ANDHRAPRADESH యాప్ ను డౌన్ లోడ్ చేసుకోవడానికి ఇక్కడ క్లిక్ చెయ్యండి.