Seeing Ability in Disability is  Bhaarateeya tatwa


Our philosophy saw and experienced oneness in all i.e., “atmavat sarvabhutesu”. Due to the different reasons like continuous foreign invasions, forgetting our own soul and nature, so many bad practices came into the existence in our society. One major thing is, seeing differences by gender, region, caste etc., One such is regarding Disability.

Nobody is absolute in the creation of Almighty except Thyself. In the recent past our society started thinking so called Disabled cannot contribute to the family and society and is because of sins done in the previous birth!

We forgot Arun or Anur who is physically challenged by not having both legs was successful Charioteer of Surya Bhagwan.


We forgot Rishi Dhirghatama, who is visually challenged was creator of vedic hymns.

We forgot Ashtavakra maharshi who was physically challenged, but guru of Raja Janak of Mithila and whose dialogue was famous as “Ashtavakra geeta”

Ashtavakra maharshi

We forgot Sant Surdas who was famous Krishna Devotee propaganded Bhakti philosophy in medieval times.

We forgot great yogi Gulabrao mahraj of Vidarbh; freedom fighter Bheemaboi of Odisha; Musician Puttaraj Gavai of Karnataka, all are Visually challenged in the recent past.

Leave the past.  Ira Singhal, physically challenged was 2015 IAS topper. IAS Maniram Sharma is hearing challenged, IAS Krishnagopal Tiwari is visullay challenged.

Ira Singhal, IAS

Khel ratna Deepa Malik is Physically challenged. Our Visually challenged cricket team won world cup thrice continuously. Our Indian team stood first in getting medals in Special Olympics & Paralympics.

Bolla Srikanth and Bhavesh Bhatia both are Visually Challenged and Jaisingh chavhan, physically challenged are industrialists having turnover of crores.

Bhavesh Bhatia, Industrialist

The only problem is in the attitude of our society. To bring awareness in the society  and to work for the empowerment of Disabled, SAKSHAM: Samadrushti Kshamatavikas evam Anusandhan Mandal started in 2008 at Nagpur. SAKSHAM feels “Disbility is an integral part of law of diversity in our nature”.

SAKSHAM is a Pan India organisation working in around 300 districts covering all States & UTs. SAKSHAM is the only National organisation working for all 21 disabilities mentioned in RPD Act 2016. SAKSHAM works through 7 verticals in the area of Education, Health, Self reliance and Social development.

SAKSHAM’s focus is on Early detection and Early intervention by it’s projects viz. CAMBA(Cornea Andhatwa Mukt Bharat Abhiyan), Pranav, Dheemahi, Pranada.

Another important area of it’s focus is Employment of Disabled.

Congratulations to Our beloved Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, who coined the term Divyaang on par with WHO terminology of Specially abled Persons.

SAKSHAM appeals and invites all the conscious and proactive persons in the society to join this great movement to realize  Our great ancient ethos of “Atmavat Sarvabhutesu” to make SAKSHAM Bharath – Samarth Bharath.

Dr. Sukumar

SAKSHAM All India Organising Secretary


మరిన్ని జాతీయఅంతర్జాతీయ వార్తలువిశేషాల కోసం VSK ANDHRAPRADESH యాప్ ను డౌన్ లోడ్ చేసుకోవాలంటే ఇక్కడ క్లిక్ చెయ్యండి.