15 Intellectuals Questions The Letter To PM By Sudo Seculars.


More than 15 intellectuals including writers, former Vice Chancellors, Historians, Leading Journalist have signed the statement, calling the open letter written by some Bollywood artists to the Prime Minister – criticizing the government for so called intolerance may creates conflicting atmosphere and may tarnish India’s image.

The statement said that the letter to the Prime Minister may create disharmony in the society and Hon’ble Prime Minister has categorically spoken out against it repeatedly. We extend our wholehearted support the theory of “Sab ka Sath – Sab ka Vikas – Sab ka Vishwas”.

We hereby show our complete disagreement and dissent against the statement issued by some segment of activists and demoralized politically motivated group of the country on the issue of so-called mob-lynching and intolerance. We believe that these statements are made from the deliberate incompletely floated information and continuously spreading misinformation in a biased way to flatter a specific social group.

Our country is known for unity in diversity. Such a huge country like India maintaining democracy and the same time preserving the unity taking care of interest of every sector is a Himalayan task which the present Government knows and acts superbly and responsibly. Occasional incident of unpleasant activities bound to happen in any where in the world due to misunderstanding. India is no exception. But such incidents are unnecessarily highlighted and magnified by some to create disharmony wantonly. We shouldn’t fall prey to this and remain united to support the Govt. which is working hard for the progress of our nation.

The academicians, social, literary leaders, leading thinkers, journalists, artists, doctors and leading lawyers of the nation notify that the people of the country have given clear cut answer by way of popular mandate to those who have given statements in the name of mob-lynching earlier with noisy trumpeters.

It is obvious that in democratic polity, always the people and people's mandate are in the center. No citizen of our country would tolerate such a biased approach of the rationalist friends who are known for always creating the negativity in this country. They are trying to disturb and disarrange the present prevailing healthy, positive and passionate environment of the country.


  1. Vishnu Pandya

Veteran Journalist, Writer Columnist, Historian and Honored by Padma Shree

  1. Kamlesh Joshipura

Former Vice Chancellor Saurashtra University, Rajkot Founder Vice Chancellor IITE, Gandhinagar.

  1. Devendra Patel

Leading Cancer Surgeon, Honored by Padma Shree.

  1. Chandrashekhar

Leading Gastroenterologist and Honored by Padma Shree. Chennai

  1. Prof, A.D.N. Bajpai

Former Vice Chancellor, Shimla and Jabalpur- Jabalpur

  1. V.R. Rajendran

Former Vice Chancellor, Vinayak Mission university, Salem, Tamilnadu

  1. Shree Tarun Dattani

Veteran, Journalist and Writer,

  1. Kalpak Trivedi

Former Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Chair Person, Legal Research Foundation (India).

  1. Shree Shirish Kashikar

Leading Journalist and Communication Expert.

  1. Smita Shastri

Leading Dancer Bharatnatyam

  1. Shipra Dhar

Leading Gynecologist and National campaigner Beti Bachao Campaign

  1. Hemant Gupta

State Coordinator Namami Gange Project, Uttar Pradesh, Varansi.

  1. Shree Rajendra Pandy

Senior Counsel, Allhabad High Court.

  1. Shree R.P. Luthra

Senior Counsel, Delhi High Court.

  1. Prem Narayan Singh

Leading Educationist.


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  1. Shree Vishnu Pandya – 9427804722
  2. Prof. Kamlesh Joshipura – 9824212033
  3. Shirish Kashikar – 9974453407