Sarsanghchalak said, “World is looking up to Bharat as Vishwaguru”.


RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji has said that whenever we talk about the Hindu society, what we exactly mean is an organised and united Hindu society in which we sink all our differences and respect diversities among us.

This was the ideal by which our forefathers lived and that clearly is their message to us. Bharat can become a Vishwaguru only when it becomes organised and united society in that manner. Addressing a gathering at the Hindu Sammelan in Baitool Dr. Bhagwat Ji said the entire world was looking towards Bharat to become a Vishwaguru and it is the responsibility of every Hindu to work in that direction.

He said while we see economic struggle being waged all-around in the world, and lot of bloodshed in the name of religion and sects, it is time Bharat assumed the role of a Vishwaguru, because the world looks at Bharat to resolve such issues. In Bharat we have seen unity among human beings. Everyone has a part of Ram in him.

Sarsanghchalak Ji called upon the Hindus to serve the society in unison. “We need to empower impoverished and deprived sections of the society”, he said. Long time back the British handed over a broken mirror to us through which we were shown the entire society fragmented. Speaking about the significance of choosing Baitool for the conference, Dr. Bhagwat Ji said it had been an important ancient place from where the message of unity in the Hindu society would go forcefully.

He said the purpose of the conference was to empower the society and make Bharat a Vishwaguru. He said living in Bharat or Hindustan every citizen, whatever religion he came from, was a Hindu, just as everybody living in Japan was a Japanese, living in Russia was a Russian.

Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji administered a five-point oath to the participants which said;

  • We will make effort to empower weaker sections of the society.
  • We would keep environment clean around our houses.
  • We would hold “aarti” of Bharat Mata in our house after sharing inspiring stories of our great men.
  • We wold sincerely work hard to raise the prestige of Bharat in the world.
  • We would not exercise discrimination and endeavour to unite different sections of the society.

He said “Bharat mata ki jai” must echo is all parts of the nation.