A Report on Baduria, Basirhat Islamic Attack On Hindus


Baduria is a town and comes under the police station of Basirhat subdivision in North 24 Parganas district in the state of West Bengal, India. It is about 60 km from Kolkata by road and about 12 kms away from Bangladesh border. The nearest big town is Basirhat which is about 15 km south. In North 24 Parganas district Hindus are about 73% of the total population where as in Baduria, Hindus are about 34% of the population and near-by Bashirhat (I & II) has 30% Hindu population. Due to closeness of Bangladesh border this region is always prone to cattle smuggling, arms smuggling and spread of Jehadi Islamic campaign. Back in 2007 in Deganga, Islamics has targeted Hindu families for three days which also made national headlines, which is about 20 kms by road.

On 2nd July 2017 rumour has been circulated, “Saurav Sarkar a student of class XII, aged 17 uploaded a objectionable posting about Islamic holy site in the facebook”. A mass gathering has been called through loudspeakers at Rudrapur High School grounds. A large Muslim crowd has gathered and many came by vehicles. A local councillor named Tushar Singh from Trinamool Congress and its party workers have presided the gathering and they demanded the arrest of Sourav Sarkar. By midnight as per there demand local police have arrested Sourav Sarkar.

On 3rd and 4th July 2017 Muslim crowd started gathering at Baduria and they started spreading rumours at nearby villages in Swarupnagar and Basirhat region and started agitation in Shayestanagar, Tentulia, Keosha, Katiahat, Biramnagar, Satirabad, Ramchandrapur, Bankra, Kholapota and more areas and the crowd gathered in-front of Baduria Police Station and nearby Municipality Office demanding the custody of Sourav Sarkar and hang him in public. According to the people present there, “The slogan heard in front of Baduria Police station was Muslim war cry – Nara e takdir, Allahu akbar”. A strange slogan later was also heard – Aryajati Bharat theke Dur hato – Aryans go away from India.

There must be a very cunning campaign by Islamists here as they replaced the word ‘Hindu’ to ‘Aryans’. The crowd started violent attack on properties, burning 6 police vehicles and an ambulance of the Municipality. The violence then spreads over different areas. Angry Muslim mobs set fire to shops and houses belonging to Hindus in Baduria, Swarupnagar and Taki blocks of the district bordering Bangladesh. Additional Police Superintendent was also assaulted on Tuesday. More than 100 houses and shops have been looted, burnt.

Hindu shops were vandalised, looted, the mob entered many Hindu houses for loot. Islamic mob also obstructed the Rath Yatra at different places. In Basirhat town a Temple was attacked. The route of Chatra Chandipur Rath, an old festival had to be changed.

Bengal Press and the Administration

It is very unfortunate that press in Bengal both print and electronic remained silent through the four-day period of rioting by Islamic mob. Neither newspaper nor TV Channel reported anything. Though the buses and local trains remained cancelled or disrupted throughout these days the markets and offices remained closed in a large region, close to Kolkata. Only social media spread the news which is now being blamed by both the State Government and the mainstream media. On the evening of 4th July the Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee expressed her anger in public in a press conference about the Governor’s complaint on Baduria incident. Only after that the mainstream media was forced to admit the horrible situation at Baduria, Basirhat near Kolkata. Still Bengali mainstream media avoided the coverage and people are forced to depend on National TV and newspapers for information.

The failure of the administration was as expected. West Bengal Government has unofficial instruction that no Islamic mob should be intervened. This happened in Left regime as Islamic mob went on rampage for 3 days on 6 to 8 September 2007 at nearby Deganga in the same district. During TMC regime, whether it is Kaliachak or Dhulagarh incidents, the police remained calm. Even after the Islamic mob burnt six police vehicles, assaulted senior officials, but police remained stranded at their barracks.

People Protests

From 5th July, common people have come on the roads to protest the government’s appeasement of Islamic divisive forces. After accepting its total failure to save the citizens of the state, State Government has asked for central forces. BSF was sent in the evening. Government also curtailed electronic transmission in the disturbed areas. However calling the army for such incidents is a ploy of the State Government (previously Left did same) that if the Islamic mob has to be punished a little, let it be done by Central Government. The image of State Government and the ruling party as the saviour of the Islamic quarter will remain unscathed.

We Appeal

  • To send an All India team to investigate the attacks on the Hindus and the losses of the Hindu properties and then bring out a full report on the incident
  • To force State Government to compensate for all the losses of the Hindus
  • To start immediate legal and administrative proceedings against the Islamic Rioters
  • To treat the accused Sourav Sarkar as an underage citizen for legal proceedings.
  • To release a white paper on the inaction of the Administration

West Bengal is going through these experiences in last few years. We have seem similar incident at Kaliachak and Dhulagarh in recent past, We feel that recurrence of such Islamic attacks may take place in near future as this Government and the ruling TMC party shows no sign of abandoning their agenda of Islamic appeasement. So for the future of West Bengal we need Central involvement.